🎁 The Perfect Present.

The current delivery time within Germany is two weeks.

What is the present?

This year, give the gift that keeps on giving to the coffee lover in your life with this special three-part gift.

Personalized specialty coffee

Give a very special someone a personal specialty coffee with a hand-drawn portrait and their name on the packaging. The present arrives already packed in a beautiful present wrapping perfect for gift giving.


Hand-drawn portrait by a professional artist

Lilly Binsack, the artist who has created the labels for all our coffees, will draw the portrait by hand. Afterwards, we will send it to your very special someone digitally to use however they please—for example, as an Insta avatar.


Personalized coffee for the entire 2021

The present will contain a code allowing your very special someone to order a personalized version of any of Caventura's coffees through 2021 without extra costs.

Make a very special someone happy!


How does it work?


1. Order a perfect coffee

Enter our configurator by clicking on the button "Order now" below. You can then choose the kind of coffee your very special someone drinks, whether they want it ground, and the right present option.


2. Send a great picture

As soon as your order is received, Lilly Binsack—the artist behind our wonderful labels—will get in touch with you personally. Together you'll choose a set of photos, based on which she'll hand draw a beautiful portrait. Please note that the artist can draw a maximum of one portrait per packaging.


3. Gift joy

That is all you have to do. We'll send the beautifully wrapped gift per currier to you or send it directly to the very special someone and make them smile. The packaging, the delivery, and the joy are on us.


When we receive your order, Lilly Binsack – the artist behind our amazing labels – will e-mail you our guidelines for the portrait photo.

After you have sent her a photo, Lily will draw the portrait by hand on her Drawpad and we will print the label right here in Kreuzberg at Printcenter Kreuzberg.

Don’t worry, we’ll delete the picture right after the portrait has been drawn.

No, it is not.

Besides the obvious goal to make as many coffee lovers as possible happy with this personalized present, we also had the following in mind while creating #mycaventura.

– An Alternative for Discounted Products: We don’t like the idea of discounts and the whole buying madness that accompanies them, so we decided to create something personal and memorable instead, into which real artist invest their time and use their creativity.

– Support for Struggling Artists during COVID: We are only offering #mycaventura because the portrait is hand-drawn. In this way, we keep the human approach to our present and support a young artist, who – as many during COVID – is struggling. 

– Support for our Coffee Producing Partners in Colombia: We continue supporting and working with our partners from Red Ecolsierra – Mildred, Jaime, and the rest – who will receive 10% of all our profits including from this campaign. Read more about this in „Caventura’s Transparency Report„.

The coffee (or the coffees) will be packed in wrapping paper and will arrive in a box for presents with a ribbon on the outside.

In the packaging, we will put a card, on which we will write by hand a short note with a text you can freely choose. On it, we will also include a unique code, which your very special someone can use until the end of 2021 to buy coffee from us – personalized with their portrait and their name – without any additional costs.

If you decide to send the package directly to them, we’ll add a label that the present should not be opened too early.

We will send the packages with DPD and expect it to arrive within 2 weeks of ordering.

No, you can choose between the following 3 options:

  1.  Simple & Stylish: They will receive 1 bag (250 g) of our best-rated coffee – Ecolsierra’s Specialty Coffee. The coffee has notes of dark chocolate and roasted almonds and is characterized by low fruitiness, medium sweetness, and considerable strength. The total price is €29.
  2. Diverse & Daring: They will receive 3 bags x 250 g of coffee. The 3 bags will be as follows: 1 x 250 g of Ecolsierra’s Specialty Coffee, 1 x 250 g of Jaime’s Specialty Coffee, 1 x 250 g of Mildred’s Specialty Coffee. The coffees have different flavor profiles and different levels of fruitiness, sweetness, and strength. Visit the links above to explore the differences. The total price is €49.
  3. Big & Beautiful: They will receive 3 bags x 1.000 g of coffee. The 3 bags will be as follows: 1 x 1.000 g of Ecolsierra’s Specialty Coffee, 1 x 1.000 g of Jaime’s Specialty Coffee, 1 x 1.000 g of Mildred’s Specialty Coffee. The coffees have different flavor profiles and different levels of fruitiness, sweetness, and strength. Visit the links above to explore the differences. The total price is €99.

All 3 options have the following in common:

  • The coffee will be roasted as filter coffee or as espresso coffee based on your choice in our configurator.
  • The coffee will be delivered as whole beans or ground, based on the brewing method you have indicated in our configurator. For example, if you have chosen an espresso machine as a brewing method it will be ground for an espresso machine. 
  • The total price of the gift includes the delivery, all taxes, and beautiful present packaging. 


Our coffees are scored as follows: Ecolsierra’s Specialty Coffee: SCA81,0; Jaime’s Specialty Coffee: SCA 84,0+; Mildred’s Specialty Coffee: 84,5+. Read more about the coffees by following the respective links.  

Our origins are in sustainability and you can find a lot about our approach in these articles: „Caventura’s Transparency Report„, „A Different Take on Specialty Coffee„, and „Beyond Sustainable Innovation„.

1. Availability: This is a hand-crafted product – not only the portrait but the coffee. So this offer is only valid until we run out of coffee or the artist, who is drawing the portraits, runs out of time – whichever happens first.

2. Shipment: We will ship the last of the presents on time. We’ll use only major, well-known carriers like DPD, but please bear in mind that we cannot control them. 

3. Right of cancellation:This is a present that is individually crafted and contains food and is thus excluded from the general 14-days right of cancellation valid for „normal“ e-purchases. However, if you are unhappy with our product – please get in touch with us and we’ll find a way to solve the problem for you.

4. Portraits: We have the right to refuse to draw any portrait, especially if it is offensive or immoral, including but not limited to racial, gender, sexual, or religious reasons.

5. Data: you can find our data protection policy here.

6. General terms & conditions: you can find our general terms & conditions here

7. Company data: you can find our company data here.